National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Last week someone wished me a happy National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day!  Besides making me chuckle, and search high and low for a good pastrami on rye, it got me thinking about the celebration of everyday things.

Those kooky “national days” let us peek at something cherished.  After all someone had to make an effort to officially list their passion.   The topics are diverse:  According to one list, Sunday was Winnie the Pooh Day; this Saturday the 24th is Belly Laugh Day; and today is Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.  (Don’t you wonder the story behind that one!?) 

We have so much to celebrate.  Big national changes like the presidential inauguration; personal achievements like promotions and birthdays; and our everyday joys.   How often do you celebrate the “small” joys and successes in daily life?  Isn’t that the stuff we should want to share with others?  What everyday experience is so wonderful for you that you’d want everyone to experience it?  For some it’s a perfect hot pastrami sandwich.

I once attended a workshop where we were asked to envision the thing we would most want to give to other people on this planet.  We were to get very specific – even tiny – to describe an exquisite experience to share with our fellows.  For me it was a deep, deep breath followed by a long tension-releasing exhale.  Imagine if everyone on earth took a deep breath and simultaneously exhaled, releasing collective anxiety, tension, and fear.  Global Exhale Day!  A small everyday thing – a breath – could be so BIG.

What small thing is big for you?   Make it your holiday!

By the way, I finally landed my pastrami sandwich today.  Mmmm, now that IS worth celebrating!

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